King Coyote Bind Editor is a tool to help you create 'binds', the colorful text you see in the lobby of the Hardwood group of games.

This text is created using 'codes' for color and emotes. You can create some of these using menu items on the command line, simply right click and select emotes or colors. To get the full command list, type /colors and /emotes at the command line. The trick, of course, is to use these codes to build the fancier binds and then to save and recall them. The bind editor makes it simple to build quite complicated lines. See Lesson 1.

Binds are saved in a file named ChatAlias.dna, located in the directory that contains the game program, for example:
C:\Program Files\Hardwood Euchre\
Many people edit this file manually in notepad or some other text editor. The file will not exist until you create your first bind. Creating your first bind and editing chat alias are covered in Lesson 2.

Many people find it more convenient to avoid the built-in bind features and use TypeItIn from wavget. In this case, the technique is simple and is covered in Lesson 1.

KCBindEditor is free for all to use. Please use it wisely to help brighten the lobbies of Hardwood.