DePaul CTI Visual Computing (VC) Group The CTI VC group has seven faculty members and a mission focused on medical imaging, image processing, computer vision, content-based multimedia retrieval, and data mining.  The goal is to develop both the theory and the tools for real world applications from various domains.  In order to create these inter-domain tools, the group has active collaborations with the Department of Radiology at Northeastern Memorial Hospital (Chicago), Henry Ford Health System (Detroit), and Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago). 

Intelligent Multimedia Processing (IMP) Laboratory The Intelligent Multimedia Processing (IMP) Laboratory hosts the undergraduate and graduate students doing Visual Computing research at CTI; there are around 10 students performing research in the lab every year.  The IMP lab facilities include six brand new high-end workstations boasting Intel P4 HT processors at 3.2 GHz and having large amounts of memory (1GB ~ 2GB).   These facilities were provided by CTI to encourage the efforts made by the VC group to promote undergraduate and interdisciplinary research.  The undergraduate activities that have been already established in the IMP lab include: 1) an annual orientation and research projects’ overview, 2) weekly meetings, 3) written reports, and 4) presentations to the Visual Computing research group seminar and the UPE undergraduate research seminar.  More information is available on the IMP lab website.

The Medical Imaging Informatics (MedIX) Laboratory houses eight workstations providing workspace for eight full-time students.  The MedIX workstations have the latest P4 3.2 GHz HT processors 1GB of DDR each.   The lab was funded by CTI to support the NSF REU site on Medical Informatics at CTI.

            The Department of Radiology’s Imaging Informatics Section will host the student activities at Northwestern University Medical School; it operates a 4000 square foot research laboratory.  There are five full-time technical staff including 2 JAVA programmers, 1 UNIX system administrator, 1 PC administrator, and 1 graphics and communications specialist; there are usually about 8 students as part of the lab at any given time.  The section operates, for experimental purposes, a small GE Medical Systems TEST PACS which is a replica of the larger hospital system. This environment includes a high-resolution diagnostic imaging workstation for research use. This test system can receive test HL7 and test DICOM traffic as part of the hospital’s larger test environment.  The section is responsible for upkeep of almost 100 personal computers. The section also operates a large UNIX server and four smaller Windows NT servers that provide web, ftp, mail, and other services to the department. There is a research, DICOM archive with DVD backup, and the section has developed software to transfer studies from the clinical PACS to the research archive, teaching files, and collaborating institutions in a secure and HIPAA compliant fashion.

            Through the Feinberg School of Medicine, the laboratory has access to the Galter Medical Library which is completely equipped for full-text access to the medical literature.  NMH) is the primary teaching affiliate of Northwestern University Medical School. The Department of Radiology operates a large GE Medical Systems PACS to provide a film-less environment. The Radiology Department performs 300,000 procedures per year, of which 95% are stored, transmitted, displayed and interpreted on the PACS. The system now contains over 2,000,000 studies containing over 80,000,000 images.    .

            The Radiology Department currently hosts 40 faculty radiologists and 26 residents.  The Department has 17 computed radiography (CR) units, 8 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners (including 2 units dedicated to research operations), 6 CT scanners (of which 5 are multi-detector, spiral CT), 5 bi-plane, angiography units, 6 fluoroscopy units, 1 digital panorex, 1 PET scanner and 1 full-field digital mammography unit, all of which are connected to the PACS. There are 27 diagnostic imaging workstations in the department and another 67 throughout the rest of the facility. 


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