Final Presentations


10:00 am "Soft segmentation of lung nodules" by Ali Gokal (Bradley University) & Dinorah Carrion Rodriguez (Universidad Metropolitana)
11:00 am "Computerized detection of tumors in PET" by Kevin Zhang (University of Chicago) & Briannon Connolly (University of Edinburgh)
12:00 am Lunch in the DePaul Center
1:30 pm "Examining the dose dependence of CT lung texture for patients undergoing radiation therapy" by Brianna Knoll (University of Iowa) & Michelle Ludwig (DePaul University)
2:30 pm "From Pixel Data to Semantics for Lung Nodule Image Retrieval" by Kerry Seitz (Trinity University) & Anne-Marie Giuca (Pomona College)


10:00 am "Evaluation of multi-valued probabilistic classification systems" by Youlian Simidjiyski (University of Chicago)
10:40 am "Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Early Detection of Colon Cancer in CT Colonoscopy" by Lindsay Kulkin (Syracuse University)
11:20 am "Probabilistic Atlases for human bodies in FDG-PET" by Colin O'Byrne (Harvey Mudd College)
12:00 am Lunch in the DePaul Center
1:00 pm "Automated Detection of Pathological Changes in Temporal Subtraction Chest Images" by Gina Yu (Harvard University) and Matt Lee (University of Chicago)
1:40 pm “Content-based Image Retrieval" by Jacob Gardner (Missouri University of Science And Technology)
2:20 pm Break
2:30 pm "Three Dimensional Analysis of Lung Nodules" by Venetia Murchinson (DePaul University), Saul Soriano (John Carroll University) and Jully Araujo (Union College)
3:10 pm "Prediction of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Christine Bronikowski (Vanderbilt University) and Angela Weng (Northwestern University)
3:50 pm "Content-based image retrieval - overview" - Deepon Bhaumik (High School student)


10:00 am

“RadLex ontology and natural language processing" by Rebecca Hazen (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Alex van Esbroeck (University of Florida)

10:40 am  "Lung nodule segmentation" by Olga Zinoveva (Harvard University) and and Stephen Sienna (Notre Dame University)
11:20 am Break
11:30 am "Content based image retrieval" by Grace (Northwestern University) and Robert Kim (John Hopkins University)
12:10 pm Lunch in the DePaul Center
1:45 pm "Probabilistic based semantic retrieval of lung nodules" by Rick Brock
3:05 pm Break
3:15 pm "Kolmogorov complexity and image similarity" by Jia Wu (University of California, San Diego) and Jonathan Mortensen (Case Western University)



"Integration of radiologists’ feedback into computer-aided diagnosis systems" by Sarah Jabon (Ithaca College)


“A study on the effect of imaging acquisition parameters on lung nodule image interpretation” by Shirley Yu (University of Southern California) and Joe Wantroba (DePaul University)




“Liver segmentation using active learning” by Allison Petrosino (Wellesley College) & Ankur Bakshi (NWU)


“Soft tissue segmentation” by Maureen Kelly (IIT) & Nicholas Cooper (Northern Kentucky University)




“3D Approaches for Computer-aided liver diagnosis” by Reed Tompkins (Gonzaga University)


“Classification of temporal subtraction images” by Samantha Passen (University of Michigan)




“Radiology Playbook” by Nasya Mendoza-Elias (UofC) & Lizhou Huang (NWU)


“Integrating XIP into a FOSS clinical workstation” by Maksim Meltser (Lake Forest College)

Tentative Schedule

9:30 am

Alex: "Tone Mapping"

10:05 am

Crystal and Rachel: "Volumetric Breast Density Estimation and RadBuilder"

10:40 am


10:45 am

Dan and Carl: "3D Texture Analysis"

11:20 am

Aaron: "Texture-based Deformable Models for Liver Segmentation"

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Marwa: "Fourier Descriptors for Lung Nodule Boundary Analysis"

1:35 pm

Ryan: "Content-based Image Retrieval for Lung Nodule Retrieval"

2:10 pm


2:15 pm

Crystal: "Contrast Enhancement of Soft Tissues"

2:50 pm

Final thoughts about the program: mentors and REU students

3:00 pm

Exit Survey of Preferences and Expectations


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