Information on SPSS: video tutorials & notes

The SPSS software is available in all DePaul labs, and can be found under the Mathematics and Statistics folder in the "Start > All Programs" menu of the lab PCís. You can also access SPSS remotely by connecting to the CDM Student Remote Desktop Servers. CDMís Student Remote Desktop Servers allow students who cannot access lab resources or install applications on their home computers to have access to the applications they need to complete coursework. This option is only for students who have a fast Internet connection. A step-by-step introduction on how to use the CDMís Student Remote Desktop Servers is described in the document below.

A 6-month license for SPSS (Base Grad Pack) can also be purchased at In my experience, most students use SPSS on the CDMís Student Remote Desktop Servers or in the lab computers and do NOT need to rent a copy of the software.

I created SPSS video tutorials that explain how to compute the statistical analyses explained in our course. The links to the tutorials are listed below. They are in Flash and can be viewed in any browser.

A more extensive list of SPSS video tutorials can be found at

MODULE1: Exploratory data analysis

MODULE 2: Density functions and normal distribution

MODULE 3: Correlation and Regression